Can you perform a move out cleaning in a weekend?

We all know about the so-called end of tenancy cleaning, simply because at a certain moment in life we had to live in a home to rent and therefore we were forced to perform such a cleaning and to go through the following inspection as well, or you simply have a friend, who needed your help during a move out once and you understood then about all those procedure prior the actual move out. And even if you haven’t gotten into a situation like this, I hardly believe that you have never heard about this cleaning, its checklists and the strict inspections that follow. But though these cleanings are really popular and though many cleaning agencies these days offer services that will help you go through this unpleasant period of time easier and a lot nicer and for this reason they even offer an end of tenancy cleaning itself, there are still far too many questions, still far too many unknowns and despite the obvious popularity of it, it is so mysterious that you are somehow scared of it being too soon. A simple truth you most probably know: we are all afraid of the uncertain. And thus if you have all your questions answered and all the vagueness made perfectly clear, you will be able to face it like a grown-up, you will manage to cope with it so damn facilely that you will hardly remember it.

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How long would it take?

This is the main question, the one that bothers us all. Well, unfortunately, there is no clear answer, simply because it depends on so many different things. The first one, do you consider the packing as part of the cleaning. If yes, then you will need a lot of time, because I assume that you have many belongings and many pieces of furniture, many clothes and many decorations and you will want to take them all. However, if you start preparing yourself for the move out earlier, then you will be done with the whole packing thing in advance and thus you will need a lot less time for the actual move out cleaning and it will turn out to be not that time-consuming at all.

Could I do it by myself?

Well, you could, I am sure that you are able to perform such a cleaning by yourself, but the question is, is it worth it. And, in my opinion, no. If you want to clean your house properly, in a way that it will pass the inspection and will bring you the money from the security deposit back to your bank account, you will need too much time and energy, too many efforts and in fact more money than if you decide to hire one of the best London’s cleaners for a move out cleaning. The team, which will arrive, is a professional and skilled, experienced and expert and what it offers is not a simple cleaning.